Archicraft—A series of curated workshops, organized in carefully curated architectural space or buildings, that provides the opportunity for participants to delve into a variety of disciplines in society and their interaction with architecture. There is a total of 8 workshops to choose from; from learning how 3D printing has impacted the practice of architecture to learning how to compose a thought-provoking architectural photograph or even to growing your very own personal ‘farm’. Curated by the Young Architects’ League from the Singapore Institute of Architects (YAL) and Singapore University of Technology and Design's Architecture Student Society (SUTDIO).
An Eye for Details

The topic of the workshop is ‘Architecture Details’. Often, people enter buildings and use them without paying much attention. The truth is that there are many interesting views and details of buildings that are painstakingly created by matching geometries, aligned lines and juxtaposed composition. Through the eye of a lens, this workshop aims to intentionally create an opportunity for participants to wander around buildings to explore and capture these details and gain a better understanding for buildings. Award-winning Singaporean photographer, Darren Soh, is the instructor for this workshop and will also be sharing his works and his way of working with buildings to understand, discover and bring out the hidden beauty of buildings to public.

Darren Soh
Award-winning photographer Darren Soh trained as a sociologist and once contemplated full time academia but realised he much prefers creating photographs than writing about them. He is most happy when making images, whether it is for himself or for clients from Singapore and around the world. Darren is based in Singapore and available for work around Asia. Darren is also a contributing photographer for Travel + Leisure South East Asia and a member of Young Photographers United (YPU). His portfolio on YPU can be viewed at In 2009, Darren was selected by Photo District News (PDN) Magazine to be one of PDN's 30 New and Emerging Photographers to watch.

Sat, 7 Oct

3pm – 6pm

Singapore Institute of Architects
79 Neil Rd, S 088904


Admission: $30

From 2D to 3D— Architecture x 3D Printing

In 2013, ‘Dezeen' website discussed in an article, entitled ‘How 3D printing will change Architecture and Construction’, the future of how Architects might design, or how Architecture could be conceived and maybe even how Building Construction would change in the light of an increasing use of 3D printing. Fast forward to 2017, we hear of the prevalent use of 3D printing to produce prototypes, sample parts, engineering components etc., in every aspect of human societal construct (e.g. medicine, industrial design, automobiles and even architecture). In fact, in March 2017, it was reported that a house in Moscow, was 3D printed in 24 hours. It is truly remarkable how this new technology has exemplified so much potential for positive change in the Architecture industry, yet, most have only come to know of its existence or seen it from a video link on YouTube.

The workshop aims to give participants an insight of what 3D printing is about - it’s origin, its relationship with contemporary architecture and how it has impacted its making. Participants will learn about various 3D printing tools and get to undergo a simple 101 tutorial on the operation of some of them. At the end, participants are even able to bring home 3D printed mementos. Held at the National Design Centre, an award-winning piece of architecture, designed by SCDA Architects (Singapore-based architecture firm). Come and witness your doodles and sketches turn to 3D reality!

Sun, 8 October

9:30am – 12:30pm (Session 1)

2:30pm – 5:30pm (Session 2)

One Maker Group (OMG),
National Design Centre,
111 Middle Road S 188969


Admission: $30

Draw Me A Storey

Architecture is given life in the narratives it holds. Should we consider that we are made of the experiences we had and the stories we have, architecture is the backdrop where these things happen. Architecture sets the tone for what we remember and, more importantly, how we remember. This workshop aims to capture architecture in a creative and fun manner, and explores the expression of architecture through a relatable, dynamic and engaging medium of comics illustration. Participants would learn how to story-tell a memory that they have (examples include childhood, dating memories and/or first-time experiences) in an architecture that has meaning to them and change its relationship to them.

Koh Hong Teng
Hong Teng is a renowned local graphic novelist who is behind the works of Gone Case and the award-winning 01321. Being part of the Singapore Memory Project, he co-authored Building Memories: People. Architecture. Independence which won multiple awards such as the Singapore Book Awards 2017: Book of The Year and Winner for Best Illustrated Non-Fiction Title 2017. Apart from working full-time on comics and painting, he has also been invited to conduct comics illustration workshops for the public by the National Library Board. Hong Teng’s works take a closer look at Singapore’s changing cultural and architectural landscape, surfacing elements and occurrences familiar to us yet often unnoticed. Through comics illustration, Hong Teng tells the narrative of Singapore by capturing what is slowly being replaced in the heartlands, as contemporary Singapore grows at her own momentum.

Sun, 8 Oct,
2pm – 6pm (Pre-Workshop)*

Sun, 15 Oct,
2pm – 6pm (Workshop)

The Daulat Hotel
16 Madras Street, Singapore 208413


Admission: $30

*An introductory lecture to comics illustration in architecture will be given during the Pre-Workshop. The Pre-Workshop would also prepare participants for the hands-on illustration process happening on the Workshop day.

Edible Gardens

With the growing population in Singapore, our environment is increasingly urbanised; hence there is an ever-pressing need for more sustainable breathing spaces amongst our built environment. This workshop will introduce participants to the concept of Urban Farming; its technical aspects and its integration with architecture. Participants will learn to reimagine leftover spaces in their homes, offices and search for opportunities to grow their very own ‘mini farms’ in these environments.

Cynthea Lam (Founder of Super Farmers)
Super Farmers is a Singapore-grown company established since 2015. Super Farmers started out as an urban farming company, teaching Singaporeans to grow their own food and helping them install edible gardens in their urban homes. It was born out of sheer necessity. Super Farmers believes that through the process of farming, they can help people find happiness by guiding people to plant seeds of intention, find their purpose in life, and to live it with a constant harvest of joy and balance.

Sat, 14 Oct
10am – 1pm

Super Farmers Farm & Studio @ Wah Son Engineering
1 Seletar Aerospace Heights S797547


Admission: $35

City Sketching

The subject of the workshop addresses ‘Disappearing Architecture’, specifically Rochor Centre, as it slated to be torn down in the near future. This workshop will focus both on imparting sketching skills to participants and on raising awareness of Singapore’s disappearing architectural heritage. The 3-hour long workshop will focus on the start-to-end approach on how to sketch on-the-go. The instructor, Mr. Pocholo Issa Estremos, will demonstrate on the spot: how to make perspective line drawings using pen through observation, simple sketching techniques, various tips and tricks of the trade, as well as applying colour to the drawings to breathe life into them. The session will end with a sharing session where the participants displaying their finished products, and feedback will be shared by both participants and the instructor.

Pocholo Issa Estremos
Pocholo is a Licensed Architect from Cebu Philippines, who worked in Singapore in an International Landscape Architecture, Master Planning & Urban Design Firm as a Landscape Designer/Renderer. In the attempt to find his style and technique for his drawings, in 2011, Pocholo joined Urban Sketcher Singapore (USKSG), an interest group associated with the global non-profit organization Urban Sketchers that promotes location drawings. Since then, Pocholo became an active sketcher; wherever he goes, he would always have his sketchbook and drawing tools ready in his bag. Pocholo contributed sketches for the two books published by the USKSG entitled "Urban Sketchers Singapore: Volume One" in Oct 2011 and "Urban Sketchers Singapore: Volume Two" on 16 May 2015 respectively. Aside from this, Pocholo’s sketches were also featured in the “Our Neighbourhoods” collection books that were published locally by the Epigram Books. Pocholo also participated in a joint workshop event "We Draw Singapore Together” organised by Temasek Polytechnic and USKSG in May 2017, and SG Heart Map sketchwalks on five Saturdays from Aug to Sep 2017.

Sat, 14 Oct
3pm – 6pm

Rochor Centre,
1 Rochor Rd S180001


Admission: $35

(Optional sketching materials kit $20)

Urban Mural: LIVE!

The Urban Mural: LIVE! workshop is an exclusive opportunity for participants to learn the techniques of urban mural painting while completing a live art piece that will transform existing public space. Mural painting is inherently different from other forms of pictorial art in that it is organically connected with architecture, as the use of colours, design, and composition often alters the sensation of spatial proportions. Taking place within the weekend of Children’s Day, participants will get to work together with artists and volunteers to create the mural titled ‘City of Possibilities’ at the Esplanade Park, a fantastical piece set to inspire our children to dream big, embrace their passions and shape our city with their stories.

Luke Tan (b.1989)
Has undergone formal artistic training in the Fine Arts at Lasalle College of the arts and his Bachelor of Business Marketing in University College Dublin. With more than 6 years of Mural painting experience, he is well versed in both interpersonal and creative skills. Luke currently works as the Vice director of Mural Lingo and is based in Singapore.

Pooja Kanade (b.1993)
Is currently pursuing her BA (Hons) Fine Arts with LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore and Goldsmiths College, UK. She is a practicing multi-disciplinary artist with works ranging from mixed media, printmaking, painting, photography, video to installations. Pooja's work primarily takes inspiration from social behaviour, ranging from physical to emotional, through daily conversations influenced by ethics, attitudes, culture and one's belief. Her current work explores the materiality of things, objects, everyday experiences and the human body in a representation of her spiritual and cultural position and the need for it in the society.

Shiqian Pan (b. 1992)
Is an architecture-trained but secretly aspires to be an artist. As a graduate of the pioneer batch at Singapore University of Technology & Design, she completed her bachelors in Architecture & Sustainable Design in 2005. Before she lost all her time and passion to architecture, she loved painting. She spent eleven years of her childhood and teenage years attending weekend painting classes at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and graduated from the Art Elective Programme at Nanyang Junior College. Ever since she graduated, she has been doing short stints at several architecture and interior design firms both locally and internationally. Most recently, she spent five months in Spain working in an architecture practice and learning the language. She is currently back in Singapore and missing her jamon iberico and siestas.

Sun, 8 Oct
10am – 6.30pm

Esplanade Park (under Esplanade bridge)


Admission: $30

ArKID Build!

In the ArKID Build! workshop, participants will get to play architects as they are given a fictional urban plot to design and build their imaginative buildings, which together form the city. The workshop is guided by architectural practitioners and students who facilitate as different stakeholders and guide the participants to design to meet each department's’ requirements. Geared for children age 8 to 12, ArKID Build! develops their awareness and appreciation of the built environment through the understanding that architects work closely with developers (clients), specialist consultants, engineers and relevant authorities. This workshop encourages children’s creativity and utilizes hands-on learning as they formulate and transform their ideas into models.

ArKIDecture is an initiative by SAA Architects to promote the learning of our built & natural environment through architectural themes. Our mission is to engage, enrich and empower children & youths of all abilities to be more aware and interested in the built environment around them, so that they can be responsible users & designers of our shared future.

Fri, 6 Oct 2pm – 5pm
Sat, 7 Oct 10am – 1pm

White Room, The URA Centre,
45 Maxwell Road

SAA AkKIDecture

Admission: Free with registration via

Your Underage Designer

We are all users of our built and natural environment. The spaces around us has a great impact in our way of life, for it for provides a framework for all forms of human interactions. The creation of these spaces is an exercise of imagination, and it begins with a desire to make a difference to the environment we live and work in.

As architects and educators, we have the opportunity to inspire our children and youth to be more creative, imaginative and holistic in their problem solving and thinking processes. We are able to engage them through hands on building experiences, and enrich their minds with diverse topics and understanding of the issues around us. Finally, we are able to nurture independent self-directed learners who are empowered to be change makers and impacting the environment around them with sensitivity and environmental stewardship.

Sat, 7 Oct
3pm – 5pm

White Room, The URA Centre,
45 Maxwell Road

Albert Liang
(Founder of ArKIDecture, SAA ArKIDecture: An SAA Initiative/ Learning & Development)

Mr Irfan Darian
Head of Department (HOD)
Art, Design, Media & Technology (ADMT)

Mr Bing Yu
Kampong Architect @ Ground Up Initiative

Ms Sarah Lee
Founder of Dream Big Playground, Mother of 3 children, a Home schoolers’ Perspective on creative and hands on education.

Admission: Free with registration via

The Great Architectural Bake-Off (GABO)

WATG is bringing The Great Architectural Bake-Off (GABO) to Singapore, following the success of the event in London and New York. The event is set to see some of Singapore’s top architects and designers put their creativity and design skills to the test as they compete to build some of the world’s most iconic buildings entirely out of cake. Held in tandem with Archifest 2017, GABO promises to be a tasty testament to the world of design.

Sat, 14 Oct
12pm – 2:30pm

The Working Capitol
(The Commons),
1 Keong Saik Rd, S089109



Admission: Free