Archifest 2016 Pavilion Design Competition Winner | RGB Pavilion

Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) is pleased to announce the winning design for Archifest 2016 Pavilion Design Competition: RGB Pavilion by DP Architects . This temporary structure and ‘pop-up’ event space, designed to inspire visitors to rethink architecture and engage in conversations about our urban environment, will be built on the grounds of Raffles Place Park and open to the public from 23 September to 9 October 2016.

Responding to the Archifest 2016’s theme ‘Exhale’, the design team DP Architects seeks to challenge the rapidity and density of activities that define our pace of life, weigh in on the state of Singapore’s built environment and breathe new life into it, by their winning entry.





Design Concept

The RGB Pavilion is composed entirely of construction site materials: namely safety netting suspended on a frame of steel scaffolding.  The deliberate use of only construction materials is a bold celebration of Singapore’s fast-paced city life through continual urban intensification and gentrification. In the heart of the CBD, Archifest 2016 pavilion is a gigantic, technicolor habitable urban art sculpture that plays on the interaction of multiple primary color layers that overlap to produce a vibrant spectrum of secondary and tertiary colors. Once inside the pavilion, the surrounding CBD fades away and is replaced instead by a psychedelic selfie tunnel.

The pavilion’s layered design encourages visitors to not only revel in the spectacle of color, but also to explore the transformation of colors arising from the changing combination of netting layers that fall within their effective field of view. Overall, the RGB Pavilion is a playful fusion of color which instantly perks up the entire plaza catching the eye and drawing people toward this photogenic artefact.


RGB Pavilion _ A zero waste pavilion made of construction netting and scaffolding pipes, multiple layers of colour overlap and interact to form secondary, tertiary hues – this creates a nuanced and playful urban experience.  


dsc09020_dxo   dsc09013_dxo-edit  dsc09029_dxo

Selfie Tunnel_ A psychedelic fog of colour envelops visitors and softly defines the pavilion’s interior, in keeping with the festival’s theme ‘Exhale’ – the pavilion seeks to breathe new life into the city’s public spaces.

Pav sketch

Concept Sketch_ Tall swathes of coloured netting draw the public from afar towards the Archifest courtyard and into the pavilion

Pav group photo

Standing left to right – Mr Liau Wai Kun (Keon Consult Pte Ltd), Mr Harry Tan (Shanghai Chong Kee Furniture & Construction), Mr Foo Chai Yee (DPA), Mr Ho Wai Kit (DPA), Mr Sean Fernandes (DPA) Seated left to right – Ms Serine Chan (DPA), Ms Ang Guo Zi (DPA)

RGB Pavilion – Team Members:

Mr Chin Thoe Chong – Director, DP Architects
Mr Foo Chai Yee – Associate Director, DP Architects
Ms Ang Guo Zi – Associate Director, DP Architects
Ms Serine Chan – Associate, DP Architects
Mr Ho Wai Kit – Associate, DP Architects
Mr Sean Fernandes – Architectural Executive, DP Architects
Mr Yeong Weng Fai – Director, DP Green
Mr Harry Tan –  Project  Director,  Shanghai  Chong  Kee  Furniture  & Construction
Mr Liau Wai Kun – Director, P.Eng of Keon Consult