Archifest 2016

Archifest 2016, an annual public festival for Singapore to celebrate architecture and the built environment, is organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects, in partnership with Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects. 2016 sees the festival celebrating its 10th anniversary, which will be held from 23 September to 9 October 2016, at Raffles Place Park.

Inspired by the SG50 festivities, Last year’s festival was themed WHAT FUTURE, curated to encourage the public’s reflection on the progress we have made thus far, and to imagine the future for our city.

This year’s theme pivots off last years discussion, which  touched on the rapid pace of life that is often associated with a dense city. EXHALE questions the city’s ability to accommodate people who are searching for a different tempo and challenges participants to envision and dictate their own pace of life.

Archifest not only celebrates Singapore’s urban environment, but also sets the stage for a wider discussion about our city, spaces and life. Join us for two weeks of exhibitions, workshops, films, talks and other fun-filled activities.