Intitiated in 2007 by Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), archifest is a festival of ideas for the city in its eight year running.

Archifest 2014 is a two-week long festival from 26 September 2014 to 11 October 2014, organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA). In its eighth year running, Archifest 2014 is not only a festival that celebrates Singapore's urban environment, but also a nurturing ground for reflection, question, collaboration and experimentation.

Taking place at various venues across Singapore, the festival is a platform for local and regional communities of creative individuals, thinkers and enthusiasts of the built environment to engage each other and the members of the public. It aims to provide a stage where change is envisioned and initiated.


The theme for Archifest 2014 is Crowd.

Crowd will be a festival about people. It is also about process – the process of bringing together great minds and resources to create better places for everyone. Crowd carries different meanings in different contexts. The festival seeks to open up the discussion to investigate how the notion of Crowd operates and contributes to architecture and urbanism:

Collective Intelligence
How individuals, connected by various means, can share ideas, collaborate to form collectives, make incremental changes, and produce great impacts.

Community Capital
How people, connected by the place they shared, leverage on social capital to build better places for everybody.

The festival will discuss and test how architecture, the city, and the role of the architect itself can be challenged and changed by this notion.


A festival highlight, this year's winning Pavilion design is an embodiment of the theme "Crowd". Designed to create a unique experience for all, the Pavilion is a physical expression of the festival.


Join the conversation. With the theme “Crowd” in mind, the Conference promises meaningful discourse by speakers from both architectural and non-architectural fields.
The Conference is divided into two sessions responding to the theme’s subcategories of Collective Intelligence and Community Capital respectively.  
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    Tay Lai Hock

    Ground-Up Initiative (G.U.I.)

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    Karen Tan

    Pocket Projects

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    Jerry Ong

    CPG Corporation

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    Brian Honda

    MIX Studios

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    Tan Cheng Siong

    Archurban Architects Planners

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    Joshua Bolchover

    Rural Urban Framework

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    Huang Sheng-Yuan

    FieldOffice Architects

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    Tay Kheng Soon

    Akitek Tenggara

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    Paul Tange

    Tange Associates

Urban Lab

A focus in Archifest 2014, the collaboration with design schools is emphasized; Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), National University of Singapore (NUS), Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Temasek Polytechnic (TP) will be participating under Urban Lab this year.  Some schools will be hosting workshops and talks while some of the schools have sculpted their studio to reply to an open brief of the student showcase. The theme and its subthemes will be explored at length through showcase of the students works, workshops and sharing sessions.


Presented by Singapore Institute of Architects and co-curated with The Architectural Society (TAS) of National University of Singapore, Architours is a half-day weekend tour. Book a slot in one of the weekend tours to experience a guided journey into local design and architecture.

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    Architours Session 1A

    Date:27 Sept Time: 9.30 am - 1.30 pm Place to Visit: Tiong Bahru Estate (Heritage Tour)

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    Architours Session 1B

    Date:27 Sept Time: 9.30 am - 2 pm Places to Visit: HDB Centre of Building Research (CBR), ACE The Place Community Centre, NUH Medical Centre

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    Architours Session 2

    Date: 27th Sept Time: 11.30am - 5pm Places to Visit: Sandcrawler, Oxley Residence, Park + Associates Office

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    Architours Session 3

    Date: 28th Sept 2014 Time: 9.30am - 1.30pm Places to Visit: Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall, Chiltern House

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    Architours Session 5

    Date: 4th Oct 2014 Time: 9am - 2pm Places to Visit: LTA Transport Infrastructure Tour, Marina Bay Fire Station

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    Architours Session 6

    Date: 4th Oct 2014 Time: 11.30am - 4.30pm Places to Visit: 12.00pm - ITE HQ & ITE College Central 1.30pm - FDAT Office (Lattice Office) 3.00pm - National Design Centre

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    Architours Session 7

    Date: 5th Oct 2014 Time: 9.30am - 3pm Places to Visit: Cube 8, KEEPERS, Satay by the Bay


Tap in to what’s happening around the city through Fringe Events. For the duration of the festival, check in and experience a variety of exhibitions, workshops, and other activities of relevance to the overarching theme of “Crowd”.


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